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This is enough evidence that citizens are denied the right to file a complaint in police station and many small and big crimes do not get recorded which results into increase in crime.

However, there is yet another face to the coin. Low ratio of police vs citizen (1:699), poor infrastructure and training, Low salaries of police and political interference are also some of the reasons, affecting safety and security of citizen.

Mission Safer India on one hand, is an effort to provide a platform for citizen to be able to reach out to police for safety and security, and on other hand allows police to build trust among public by filing their replies to the complaints to reflect their promptness in investigations.

In addition, this platform, by way of acquiring the complaints, allows police department to influence macro level factors with politics to request for more infrastructure and training.

We encourage state police depts. to dedicate resources to file the replies here on this platform for each respective complaint received. This will get published together with complaint and that will help police create their image in the eye of public and also use this platform to educate citizen on crime prevention and self-help.

We have connected all state police depts. across the nation on this platform and provided interactive platform for police to interact with the citizens.